Current Status: Captured, in SHIELD Custody


Solo d10 Team d8 Buddy d6
Distinctions: Big Dumb Brute, Mercenary, Charging Behemoth
Power Set: Rhino Suit
-Godlike Strength d12
-Superhuman Durability d10
-Weapon d8
-Enhanced Speed d8
-SFX: Boost, Multipower
-Limit: Step up Emotional Stress from insults about Rhino’s costume or intellect.
-Combat Expert d8
-Crime Expert d8


Aleksei Sytsevich was just another thug in the Russian Mafia, grasping at dreams of easy money, and headed for a short brutal life. Seduced by promises of wealth and power, Aleksei underwent a life-threatening series of chemical and radiation treatments to transform him after several months into the superhumanly strong agent for a collective of professional spies – in part, to support his family. Aleksei’s powerful armor permanently bonded to his form, was modeled after the hide of a rhinoceros. Two scientists named Igor and Georgi chose this form, both for its visual impact and in recognition of the fact that the rhino is the result of countless generations of evolution towards the ultimate form for armored assault. They selected Aleksei for his muscular physique and low intelligence, which they believed would insure his loyalty.

Given the code-name Rhino, his first mission was to kidnap astronaut John Jameson, son of Daily Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson, and sell him to the highest bidder. He received intensive sub-hypnotic training in American English and false citizenship papers bearing the name Alex O’Hirn. Feeling cocky, he turned on his benefactors, destroying their headquarters, and attempted to abduct Jameson under his own initiative. As the Rhino made his way towards New York City, Spider-Man began to formulate how to defeat this apparently unstoppable foe. His discovered two key factors: once charging, the Rhino cannot change directions or easily halt his advance. Second, Aleksei is rather dumb. Spider-Man deduced that if he could avoid a direct hit from the Rhino’s horn, his superior tactical skills and agility would always leave him the final victor in any fair fight.

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