Pluto (Hades)


Affiliations: Solo d10, Buddy d8, Team d6
Distinctions: Lord of the Dead, Scheming Immortal, What is Dead may Never Die
Power Set: Olympian
-Superhuman Strength d10
-Superhuman Durability d10
-Godlike Stamina d12
-SFX: Regeneration, Mighty Blow
-Limit: Madness
Power Set: Master of the Underworld
-Supreme Sorcery d12
-Mystic Blast d10
-SFX: Afflict
-Mystic Master d10
-Cosmic Expert d8
-Combat Expert d8


The eldest son of Titans, Chronus and Rhea, Pluto was confined with the rest of his siblings within Tartarus, the Olympian underworld, because Chronus feared a prophecy that one of his offspring would overthrow him; however, Rhea secretly gave birth to another child, Zeus, who freed Pluto and the others from Tartarus upon reaching adulthood. The siblings joined forces to dethrone their father, Pluto using a Helmet of invisibility during the battle. After conquering Olympus, Zeus, Pluto, and Neptune cast lots for creation with Zeus claiming the sky, Neptune the seas, and Pluto the underworld, responsible for watching over the imprisoned Titans. Eventually desiring companionship, Pluto fell in love with the goddess Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter. Pluto took Persephone by force, and Persephone agreed to stay with him, but to appease her family she had to spend equal parts of the year on Earth and in the underworld. Rarely leaving his realm, Pluto was often visited by people seeking advice from the shades of the dead or on heroic quests, such as Orpheus, Odysseus and Aeneas.

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