Affiliations: Team d4, Buddy d6, Solo d8
Distinctions: Eternal Ferryman, Hades Hath no Fury
Power Set: Guardian of the Styx
-Enhanced Strength d8
-Enhanced Durability d8
-Combat Expert d8


Charon is the son of Erebus, god of the darkness and shadow, and Nyx the Olympian god of night. Charon has been the ferryman across the River of Styx for untold ages, ushering the souls of mortals into Hades. He has completed this task in utter silence for centuries, until he was offended by Robert the assistant of the Hercules, for referencing him as the Crypt Master from “Tales of the Crypt.” Hercules accompanied by Amadeus Cho sought Charon’s assistance in crossing the River Styx again, although, Charon refused them passage fearing the wrath of Pluto, although, he eventually broke his silence once again requesting 10,000 gold coins for their passage. At the request of Pluto, Charon has carried the war god Ares into Hades seeking allegiance against the Asgardian Thor.

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