Issue #6: A New Beginning!

Meet the New Guys

Mourning the death of Han-Ah, the team split, leaving Bandit (Tara Breed) in charge of Hercules’ startup company, Olympus Investigations (now renamed Mystery, Inc.). Desperate for new hired help to pay the rent, Tara turned to a set of new recruits from Manhattan’s local heroes.

After meeting Klank, Ebony Scale, Red Hawk, Stat and Morningstar, Tara tested their abilities through a baptism of fire – a battle against the Soviet Super-villain, Crimson Dynamo! The Dynamo proved a tough opponent, but the sudden arrival of old team members Hastseoltoi (Lily Harrison) and Antiope (Kyle Grey) won the day!

After handily besting the Dynamo, the team faced down his employers: the Arthurian Sorceress Morgan Le Fay and her snotty brat of a son, Mordred. Mordred manged to steal the Amulet of Avalon, which gave him enough mystical power to banish all adults from the earth.

Finding themselves in an extra-dimensional plane, the team struck a bargain with Morgan Le Fay to defeat her son – they were turned into children. After a pitched battle with Mordred, the team tricked him into turning himself into an adult, undoing all of his magic. His mother came to return the team to normal, and took her son away – his breaking of the enchantment of the spell that gave him eternal youth left him with eternal life, but he had been aged into a withered husk of an old man. Morgan departed.

The team’s respite was short-lived, however, as a Kree ship crashed through the ceiling. Its sole occupant, a Kree Scientist named Lam-Nar, tried to warn the team about an imminent threat, before dying. Shortly afterwards, the team was accosted by a a mysterious man with a blue box.



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