Issue #3: Ultron Unleashed!

The Other Guys, as our heroes now dubbed themselves, found themselves face-to-face with a heavily armed platoon of SHIELD Agents, led by the new Director of SHIELD, Maria Hill. Faced with the choice of going quietly or being gunned down, the team agreed to go to SHIELD’s Helicarrier base with Ms. Hill.

Inside a SHIELD holding cell, the team met Scientist Bruce Banner , who begged them to get him off the ship, claiming he had “a weapon” that SHIELD was planning to use.

When called to the bridge, the team was grilled by Hill, who suspected their contact with Agent Romanov, whom she identified as being a rogue agent. Before she could press them any further, the Helicarrier began to lose power.

“Drove the same car since I was 17, no problem. This thing drops out of the sky every other Tuesday.”

The ship’s systems were hijacked by the rogue AI known as Ultron, who proceeded to immobilize the bridge crew with an electric pulse. Han-Ah wasted no time, slamming into the robotic maniac with her fists, but to no avail, as the fiend’s Adamantium armor defied her blows. Lily attempted to pierce Ultron’s armor with explosive arrows, but they were ineffectual. Ultron slammed Antiope into the basement below, and attempted to take over her mind with his deadly Encephalo beam.

Lily snuck off to find Dr. Banner, who promptly turned into his green-skinned alter-ego and escaped.

With the help of Bandit, who contained the robot inside of a telekinetic shell, Han-Ah was able to batter the Ultron into pieces, ending his threat – for now.

At the insistence of Dum-Dum Dugan, Director Hill released the team, who return to their apartment and engage in a ‘celebration’ of sorts, deciding not to immediately pursue the next lead on Baron Zemo. Natasha paid them a visit, and let them know she’d need to “go dark” for awhile, to avoid Hill’s attention.

A mystical portal opens a few hours later, interrupting their reverie, where a wounded figure, the Son of Zeus himself, begs Antiope for help.


-Lily – d6 Physical Stress, 1XP
-Bandit – d6 Physical Stress



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