Issue #2: Zemo's Revenge

Can our heroes prevent the escape of the insane mastermind BARON ZEMO?

After their battle in Issue #1, Bandit, Lily Hastseoltoi, and Han-Ah decide to crash at their apartment and regroup. There, Agent Romanov informs them that SHIELD is disavowing their actions and cutting off all support. She does however, leave them with two things to consider – first, a folder detailing a prisoner transfer of Baron Zemo, and the second, a new teammate, the mysterious Antiope.

Driven by the desire to uncover exactly why Zemo’s android duplicate was present at the robbery, the team decides to intercept the armored truck transferring him to the Raft. They’re beaten to the punch by none other than Rhino, who knocks the armored truck over.

Rhino and his accomplices, Blizzard and Baron Mordo, manage to free Zemo and engage in a pitched battle with the heroes. Zemo and Mordo escape, but not before Mordo summons a vicious Hydra

Despite taking some serious hits from Rhino, the heroes are able to quickly disable Blizzard, in a particularly painful fashion. Eventually even Rhino goes down and the Hydra is beaten in a spectacular fashion.

Just as our heroes catch their breath, the sound of sirens breaks them from their reverie.

‘’This is SHIELD Director Maria Hill. You are all under arrest!’’




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