Issue #1: Robbery!

Electro's making a withdrawal - cash or CHARGE?

Called together by SHIELD Liaison Natasha Romanov, unlikely band of heroes Bandit, Lily Hastseoltoi, and Han-Ah crash a bank robbery in progress by that dastardly villain Electro, hoping to show him what’s Watt!

A pitched battle ensues, with Electro’s thugs firing a hail of bullets at our heroes. Han-Ah’s quick thinking gets the hostages to safety, and Bandit and Lily are able to make short work of the robbers.

Electro proves a more resilient opponent, however, and draws the museum generators reserves into his body – a shocking development! To make matters worse, the scheme’s true mastermind, Baron Zemo, reveals his presence. Attempting to flee the scene, he’s cornered by the team and revealed to be an android!

Tara’s telekinetic abilities are eventually able to batter poor Electro into submission, and the human dynamo falls to the floor unconscious.



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