Issue #7: Enter - the Skrulls!
Can even the Doctor stand up to the combined forces of the Skrulls and the Daleks?
Issue #6: A New Beginning!
Meet the New Guys

Mourning the death of Han-Ah, the team split, leaving Bandit (Tara Breed) in charge of Hercules’ startup company, Olympus Investigations (now renamed Mystery, Inc.). Desperate for new hired help to pay the rent, Tara turned to a set of new recruits from Manhattan’s local heroes.

After meeting Klank, Ebony Scale, Red Hawk, Stat and Morningstar, Tara tested their abilities through a baptism of fire – a battle against the Soviet Super-villain, Crimson Dynamo! The Dynamo proved a tough opponent, but the sudden arrival of old team members Hastseoltoi (Lily Harrison) and Antiope (Kyle Grey) won the day!

After handily besting the Dynamo, the team faced down his employers: the Arthurian Sorceress Morgan Le Fay and her snotty brat of a son, Mordred. Mordred manged to steal the Amulet of Avalon, which gave him enough mystical power to banish all adults from the earth.

Finding themselves in an extra-dimensional plane, the team struck a bargain with Morgan Le Fay to defeat her son – they were turned into children. After a pitched battle with Mordred, the team tricked him into turning himself into an adult, undoing all of his magic. His mother came to return the team to normal, and took her son away – his breaking of the enchantment of the spell that gave him eternal youth left him with eternal life, but he had been aged into a withered husk of an old man. Morgan departed.

The team’s respite was short-lived, however, as a Kree ship crashed through the ceiling. Its sole occupant, a Kree Scientist named Lam-Nar, tried to warn the team about an imminent threat, before dying. Shortly afterwards, the team was accosted by a a mysterious man with a blue box.

Issue #5: Battle for New York

The team found itself battling a reconstituted Masters of Evil, who had taken the city hostage with a set of Vibranium Bombs. Baron Zemo acquired a Norn Stone, and the team was thrown back in time to 1863. Han-Ah was thrown to Jotenheim, returned, and then disintegrated.

Issue #4: Into the Underworld
In the game of Hades, you either win or you die.

Petitioned by the demigod Hercules, the team learned that his godhood had been severed from his mortal body, leaving him powerless and somewhat less boisterous than usual.

Using Antiope’s mystical abilities to open a portal, the group transported themselves to Olympus itself to find her uncle’s essence.

Once there, the team was confronted by Ares, who was somewhat displeased with his daughter for not having caused any death or destruction during her time among the mortals. Defiant, Antiope risked her father’s anger but drove the team further from its goal.

Luckily, Lily had some connections with Ares, having hung around with him back in the day, participating in massacres. She was able to convince Ares to help them, though he was reluctant to assist his brother Hercules, whom he has never liked.

Once they reached the underworld, the team encountered Charon, ferryman to the river Styx. Bandit handed him a $20 bill for their journey, and the team was able to safely cross the river of souls.

The team confronted Pluto/Hades, who revealed that he had traded Baron Zemo for Hercules’ essence, and that he wasn’t interested in giving it back.

After a pitched battle, in which the team was able to defeat a phalanx of Pluto’s skeletal legion, thanks to Han-ah’s quick thinking, Pluto called a halt to the battle. Lily had been brought to the brink of death by Pluto’s magic, and Tara had nearly been torn in half by the Cerberus. Pluto offered to play one last game, for Hercules’ essence and Lily’s survival. Tara chose the game; Battleship. With a cry of utter despair, “You sunk my Battleship!” Pluto was forced to surrender, though he disputed the results, insisting wily Tara had moved her Patrol Boat.

With Hercules’ essence in tow, the team returned to their apartment, where a grateful Hercules gifted his niece with the Omphalos stone, intended to provide its bearer with powerful Precognitive abilities.

Hercules then revealed that he knew the location of Zemo’s base! As it turned out, he’d been attacked there while investigating some strange mystical phenomena.

-Tara d10 Physical Stress
-Lily d8 Trauma

Issue #3: Ultron Unleashed!

The Other Guys, as our heroes now dubbed themselves, found themselves face-to-face with a heavily armed platoon of SHIELD Agents, led by the new Director of SHIELD, Maria Hill. Faced with the choice of going quietly or being gunned down, the team agreed to go to SHIELD’s Helicarrier base with Ms. Hill.

Inside a SHIELD holding cell, the team met Scientist Bruce Banner , who begged them to get him off the ship, claiming he had “a weapon” that SHIELD was planning to use.

When called to the bridge, the team was grilled by Hill, who suspected their contact with Agent Romanov, whom she identified as being a rogue agent. Before she could press them any further, the Helicarrier began to lose power.

“Drove the same car since I was 17, no problem. This thing drops out of the sky every other Tuesday.”

The ship’s systems were hijacked by the rogue AI known as Ultron, who proceeded to immobilize the bridge crew with an electric pulse. Han-Ah wasted no time, slamming into the robotic maniac with her fists, but to no avail, as the fiend’s Adamantium armor defied her blows. Lily attempted to pierce Ultron’s armor with explosive arrows, but they were ineffectual. Ultron slammed Antiope into the basement below, and attempted to take over her mind with his deadly Encephalo beam.

Lily snuck off to find Dr. Banner, who promptly turned into his green-skinned alter-ego and escaped.

With the help of Bandit, who contained the robot inside of a telekinetic shell, Han-Ah was able to batter the Ultron into pieces, ending his threat – for now.

At the insistence of Dum-Dum Dugan, Director Hill released the team, who return to their apartment and engage in a ‘celebration’ of sorts, deciding not to immediately pursue the next lead on Baron Zemo. Natasha paid them a visit, and let them know she’d need to “go dark” for awhile, to avoid Hill’s attention.

A mystical portal opens a few hours later, interrupting their reverie, where a wounded figure, the Son of Zeus himself, begs Antiope for help.


-Lily – d6 Physical Stress, 1XP
-Bandit – d6 Physical Stress

Issue #2: Zemo's Revenge
Can our heroes prevent the escape of the insane mastermind BARON ZEMO?

After their battle in Issue #1, Bandit, Lily Hastseoltoi, and Han-Ah decide to crash at their apartment and regroup. There, Agent Romanov informs them that SHIELD is disavowing their actions and cutting off all support. She does however, leave them with two things to consider – first, a folder detailing a prisoner transfer of Baron Zemo, and the second, a new teammate, the mysterious Antiope.

Driven by the desire to uncover exactly why Zemo’s android duplicate was present at the robbery, the team decides to intercept the armored truck transferring him to the Raft. They’re beaten to the punch by none other than Rhino, who knocks the armored truck over.

Rhino and his accomplices, Blizzard and Baron Mordo, manage to free Zemo and engage in a pitched battle with the heroes. Zemo and Mordo escape, but not before Mordo summons a vicious Hydra

Despite taking some serious hits from Rhino, the heroes are able to quickly disable Blizzard, in a particularly painful fashion. Eventually even Rhino goes down and the Hydra is beaten in a spectacular fashion.

Just as our heroes catch their breath, the sound of sirens breaks them from their reverie.

‘’This is SHIELD Director Maria Hill. You are all under arrest!’’


Issue #1: Robbery!
Electro's making a withdrawal - cash or CHARGE?

Called together by SHIELD Liaison Natasha Romanov, unlikely band of heroes Bandit, Lily Hastseoltoi, and Han-Ah crash a bank robbery in progress by that dastardly villain Electro, hoping to show him what’s Watt!

A pitched battle ensues, with Electro’s thugs firing a hail of bullets at our heroes. Han-Ah’s quick thinking gets the hostages to safety, and Bandit and Lily are able to make short work of the robbers.

Electro proves a more resilient opponent, however, and draws the museum generators reserves into his body – a shocking development! To make matters worse, the scheme’s true mastermind, Baron Zemo, reveals his presence. Attempting to flee the scene, he’s cornered by the team and revealed to be an android!

Tara’s telekinetic abilities are eventually able to batter poor Electro into submission, and the human dynamo falls to the floor unconscious.


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